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I am a happily married woman living in South Texas, with my wonderful husband, he's the love of my life. I have 2 beautiful children that I am extremely proud of... 1 in college studying to be a math teacher and the other in high school. And of course, Harley and Kali (the dogs) round off our little family!

I've been creating for several years now in PSP. I make all sorts of things... blinkies, templates, masks, scrapkits, wordart, etc. I also run my school, PSP Party, the forum, PSP Party Central, the magazine, PSP Party E-Mag and the store, Artistically Inclined Licensing, with the help of some of my awesome friends.

We have over 200+ tutorials on the Party website and 40+ artists at the store for everyone to enjoy!!! So stop by anytime and be sure to check us out!!!

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Tuesday, January 20, 2009

A few new tags...

I was feeling a little creative today and came up with a couple things... the first was just a tut that I wrote a year or so ago for Valentine's Day using a mask that was sent through PSP Party as a challenge. It's not the world's greatest tut, but it's cute...

The second one I was just using a scrapkit from Bluedream Designs... she's got some really nice kits there and I look forward to using more of them!!! I used nothing but her scrapkit and a tube of one of my favorite artists from MPT!!!


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